Refrigerated transport by road from the south zone of Madrid


In J. Del Pozo Transport, we have refrigerated vehicles of different types and capacities, trained to ensure a response tailored to the demand of our client. In perfect condition of maintenance and therefore of performance and managed by qualified and experienced professionals with optimum capacity of reaction if necessary.

If you need a reliable company for Refrigerated Road transport
of your perishable products, call us
918 762 156 or 629 114 454

We carry out refrigerated transport by road of perishable goods at controlled temperature, with trailer trucks equipped with cold cabin, guaranteeing the maintenance of the cold chain and thus the perfect conservation and condition of the merchandise Transported.

One of our main areas of intervention is the food sector, transporting daily large loads of products that require special attention and ensure their conservation at low temperatures.

Large areas and supermarkets of reference in this sector at national and international level rely on our company for the transport of its merchandise.

We have the certificate of road transport of foodstuffs that require ambient temperature or controlled temperature in the process of their transport from origin to destination. I.F.S.