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Transportes Jacinto del Pozo S.A.

A consolidated company, whose origins date back to 1,960, which has undoubtedly been able to adapt to the passage of time and to build a client-orientated project. Thus to overcome difficult stages and maintain our business values, which together with the effort of our staff to supposedly overcome important challenges and reach a proposal of services that is great advantages for our customers, and Most importantly, your satisfaction.

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Our proposal is currently based on two areas of intervention. Container Rental Serviceand road transport, this service that gave rise to the foundation of our company.

With the service of renting of containers in Madrid, we attend to needs of companies and professionals of different sectors, mainly that of the construction and the industry. Assuring an agile, efficient and fast service that gives answers that cover the most demanding expectations. 

We have a high number of containers of different characteristics that guarantee their supply and that offer multiple options of adaptation in diverse functions like the collection and deposit of rubble,

the maintenance of cleanliness in the sector Industrial with the permanent availability of non-toxic waste containers, or the possibility of maintaining a long-term service of container rental in large construction works that require a long period of time and therefore a contract Indefinite.

In the area of transportation, our main customers are large commercial areas with needs to have allies to ensure continuity of good service over time, and the extreme control and care of loads in the transportation process. 

Trust in the security that a serious company provides, with great experience and full consolidation of your projects. Rely on transports and containers Jacinto del Pozo, S.A.

Our offices are located in the town of Valdemoro, within the Pol. Ind. The Carrehuela. If you need to contact us you can do so through Tel. 918 762 156 and Fax: 918 762 159


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