construction containers in Madrid

At the beginning of the years 2000 and after a long history in the sector of the road transport, our company, within the enterprising character that characterizes it and before the important growth of the construction sector at that time, to which it joined a More concerned and responsible environmental policy with waste management. We decided to implement a new area with the Container rental SERVICE IN MADRID

A service that in principle was mainly directed to the rental of containers for work in populations near our location and that later has been extended to the whole community of Madrid and also to containers for Other uses such as:

Transport and Containers Jacinto del Pozo proposes an integral service with the delivery, collection and deposit of waste in the opportune management centres. A punctual service according to the needs that demand us, giving an adapted and appropriate answer to each client and at every moment. Being able to provide you at present, a container rental for works in Madrid, or for other needs at any point in our community, for days.

We also guarantee a long-stay container rental service for companies running long-term works. And rental of waste containers that remain permanently in their facilities, mainly directed to the industrial sector (mechanical workshops, carpentry workshops, parts machining workshops,... and many other activities).

Our resources provide an efficient and professional service providing confidence and security in our clients, being punctual in the delivery and in the collection and having containers with different characteristics that will adapt to different Necessities and possibilities, such as the place where the container will remain installed, also having vehicles that adapt properly to facilitate the installation in places of difficult access.

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