Road transport company in the south zone of Madrid


J. Del Pozo Transport, has a modern fleet of rigid trucks and trailer that is permanently renewed and is conditioned for the transport of different types of cargo, being specialized in the transport of loads Palletized and transported with a counterlada temperature from 20 ° to 20 º.

Our trucks comply with the regulations and homologations in force, passing all the necessary revisions and having continued maintenance to ensure the good performance of the same.

We are in a position to be able to ensure quality in our services and absolute security and control in the goods we transport. Meeting the deadlines and Times agreed for the collection and delivery of the same. 

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We manage the control of your merchandise from our facilities located in the South area of Madrid, knowing at all times, thanks to the current location systems, how and where it is. Keeping the customer informed and knowing in detail immediately any setbacks or incidents that might occur.

We are a road transport company with great experience and a trajectory full of good commercial relations with our clients, based mainly on the confidence and the long duration of the same.

Seriousness, efficiency and commitment, are the constant references with which we present ourselves and fulfill in our service on the roads of all Spain.

Feel free to trust the professionalism of J. del Pozo Transport